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Minor Consent

In most cases, parents have the right to consent to health care on behalf of their minor children.  However, there are situations in which minors may consent to their own health care.  The materials on this page address current “minor consent” rights in California.

All files are PDFs unless otherwise noted; require Adobe Reader or equivalent to view.

Minor Consent, Confidentiality, and Child Abuse Reporting in California

This publication answers the most common questions about minor consent for medical care, access to adolescents’ medical records, and when and how providers are required to report child abuse.

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Consent to Treatment for Foster Youth: California Law

This manual describes consent to treatment law for minors in the California dependency system, including consent to mental health services, psychotropic medication and reproductive health care, among other topics.

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Consent to Treatment for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

Download PDF.

California’s Minor Consent Laws

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A Minor’s Right to Abortion in California

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School Release for Confidential Health Care

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California Attorney General Opinion on Confidential School Release

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American Academy of Pediatrics v Lungren, 16 Cal.4th 307 (1997): CA Supreme Court case addressing adolescent abortion

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Targeting Adolescents for an STD Vaccine: Parent Interest

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U.S. Supreme Court Decides Adolescent Abortion Case

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Pharmacy Access to Emergency Contraception

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Resources from Other Organizations

Your Health Your Rights: A Guide for Teens

visit site | from ACLU of Northern California

Toolkit: Understanding Confidentiality and Minor Consent in California

download pdf  |  from the Adolescent Health Working Group

Toolkit: Sexual Health

download pdf  |  from the Adolescent Health Working Group

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