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Information on the history and current status of an adolescent's right to choose in California.  While primarily about California law, the page does include some information about the status of this right in other states. Please see Resources for Other US States for more.

Background on the adolescent right to choose.


Do parents have a right to access medical information about a minor's abortion?

Five page chart outlining California's minor consent and confidentiality laws.


Past Coverage of Abortion Rights

Prop 4 Fails – Third Time Parental Notification Measure Defeated at the Polls

Youth Law News July-September 2008 - California voters rejected for the third time a proposed initiative that would have required minors to notify their parents 48 hours before getting an abortion. Like the two that preceded it, the latest proposition would have amended the California Constitution to remove rights currently guaranteed adolescents. To read Youth Law News Article, click here. For prior coverage of the effort to put the initiative on the ballot, click here.

Prop 85’s defeat in California means that AAP v. Lungren remains law.


Follow up article on Ayotte decision and its ramifications.

Discussion of the New Hampshire Ayotte case.

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